Upgrade Your Smile With Crown & Bridge Treatment

Crowns and bridges are popular treatments that can help restore your smile to its natural form. At Tracey Tabor Williams DMD in Indianapolis, we provide crown and bridge treatments to help you regain a confident new smile you’re proud to show the world.

What are dental crowns and bridges?

A dental crown is a cap that fits over the visible surface of a tooth. It conceals any imperfections and can be used to repair damage caused by decay or injury. Meanwhile, a bridge is an artificial tooth, or teeth, designed to fill in gaps between your natural teeth. It is comprised of two crowns with a false tooth, or teeth, in between them.

What issues can crown and bridge treatment correct?

Crown and bridge treatments can correct dental issues like chips, cracks, gaps, and discoloration. They can also help with structural problems by supporting teeth weakened by decay or injury.

What are the benefits of crown and bridge treatment?

Crowns and bridges can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. They can also help prevent further damage by strengthening weak or damaged teeth. They’re designed to blend in with your natural teeth for a seamless look and feel.

How are crowns and bridges placed?

During your initial consultation, we will assess the health of your teeth and discuss the treatment plan with you in detail. We will then create an impression of your teeth that will be used to make custom crowns or bridges. When they are ready, you’ll come in for a second appointment to have them fitted and secured into place.

Who should consider crown and bridge treatments?

People looking to correct dental issues such as chips, cracks, gaps, discoloration, and more can benefit from crown and bridge treatments. Anyone with one or more missing teeth can also benefit from getting a bridge.

If you want to restore your smile and gain confidence, contact our office today to learn if crown and bridge treatments are right for you. Our friendly team members are here to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!

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  • Repair chips, cracks, and other forms of damage
  • Fill in the gaps between your teeth
  • Restore your natural bite function
  • Eliminate discoloration along with stains
  • Improve your smile's overall aesthetic!

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