Get A Faster And More Accurate Diagnosis With Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are imaging technology that produces digital pictures of internal body structures such as tissues, teeth, and bones. At Tracey Tabor Williams DMD in Indianapolis, we use digital X-rays as a diagnostic tool to detect multiple oral health issues.

What is the process of using digital X-rays?

Our experienced dental professional will make the process as quick and comfortable as possible. We use digital sensors to capture high-quality images transmitted directly to our computer monitor in seconds. The resulting images allow us to detect problems with your teeth and other oral tissues quickly and more accurately.

What are the advantages of digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays offer several advantages over more traditional film X-rays. They produce higher-quality images and emit up to 90% less radiation, making them a much safer option for pregnant women or patients with compromised immune systems.  The photos can be shared between dental offices in digital format. Digital X-rays also allow us to enlarge the images for clarification with no distortion, ensuring the most accurate diagnosis.

What oral issues can digital X-rays detect?

Digital X-rays can detect tooth decay between the teeth, cavities, infections in the jawbone, cysts, and even the early indications of oral cancer.

Who should consider digital X-rays?

Patients of all ages can benefit from digital X-rays. The images captured are not only of higher quality but also allow us to diagnose any oral health problems quickly and accurately. If you’re looking for an accurate dental imaging solution that offers maximum comfort and minimal radiation exposure, digital X-rays are the way to go.

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